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Oh Wow

I'm feeling really good right now.


Step Up 2: The Streets

A decent movie having to do with illegal street dancing battles. Features some cool dance moves, and ... well ... some other cool dance moves. Oh, and not to mention a little corny dialogue, but when the main idea of the movie is grasped (while watching the movie), it is easier to stand the dialogue.

Here's a review for the movie Step Up 2: The Streets.


  • The dancing scenes were pretty cool to watch. Flips, twists, spins, jumps, whatever you do in street dancing.
  • Nice idea.
  • The characters were decent.
  • Briana Evigan..... Gheheheh, never seen her before! http://imdb.com/name/nm0263759/

  • The story follows a pretty predictable storyline. Girl wants to dance. Girl meets guy. They dance. Random meteor falls on the school, the end. (Actually, no meteor)
  • Had more potential than what was used in the film. Using camera work from an action movie such as The Matrix, it might have been cool to use that kind of style. Instead of bullet dodging slo-mo, it could have been front flip dancing slo-mo. Though, it would have to be more clever than that since they would be confined to the beat of a song.
  • Uses some cliche "stuff". Sure, a romantic kiss or a "changed" school director isn't really a cliche, but that doesn't mean it is needed. This movie could have been fine without the romantic kissing ... at least not twice (it might have been three times). One of the more important cliche's comes near the end of the movie. Without spoiling the movie, let me just say they used to wrong theme for it. The character stands up and tells a group of people stuff. Moving stuff. But this is a dancing movie. Why didn't she convince them with a dance? In the atmosphere of illegal street dancing, they aren't exactly the type to listen to World-changing moving stuff.
While it may seem like the movie is not worth seeing, it was not that bad. The dance scenes were great, especially the end one. It's decent. And if you're into the dance moves they do, it might be a hit for you.


Wait, hold on, just wait a sec, don't move, hold that thought, stay still, pause, halt, stop, hold it--  Waaaaaaait!

I'll update this later.



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