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He laughed and shot a ROCKET at him.

It's not quite what I was thinking, but then again, it doesn't quite think. It doesn't. What doesn't? It!
"It" has two letters, I and T. Why did you put those two letters together to form such a word? Before that word was created, I bet the idea of putting I and T together was absolutely preposterous. Why didn't they just just stick Y  and G and E together to make the word. Instead of "It was nice." It could be "Yge was nice." That sounds way cooler already. You know what? I'm going to use that instead.

I've been in the class Character Design and Creation since the beginning of July and I've got just one more week of that left. I also have Geometry at the same time which is also ending, but who cares about Triangles and proofs. Heh, the teacher calls them "Trangles" but it's okay.
I have a model ... for Character Design. And blah! The model is not nessceserily BAD, the technology is just new for me ... again. Why is it new? I had to retake a two month traditional art class with another one month class following that because the schedule was updated. So, being three months behind my original class, now I'm also brand new to Maya again, despite already having three other classes: 3D Foundations, Model Creation, and Shading and Lighting. Any original skill I had with Maya had to be reaquired. But, using Maya is easy to re-learn.
It's just like beating up a bicycle.

Before Character Design, in the month of June, I had two classes: Principles of Design and Historical Archetypes/Mythology (POD and HAM, respectively). POD was the one month art class I previously wrote up there somewhere in the previously written paragraph of words and pixels. Since I had to retake a two month art class, it pushed me back to a group that had an updated schedule, so I had to get the new schedule as well. As a result, I had to take these two classes first before Character Design. Graah! In the end, June turned out to be the worst month at Full Sail thus far, and I passed both classes with D's (70% and 72%, ouch). Though, I would have liked to retake POD and get a much better grade. SOMEHOW they passed me with a 70.19% despite the super awesome note I put on the front of my portfolio:

"I need to retake this class."

The bold was used in the original note. Even without the note, I had only two of nine projects completed. That would be about 350/900 points. Grah! Had I failed, I would have been able to get a much better grade the second time and learn better stuff.
Ah, but why didn't I do well the first time? I was burnt out from retaking the Object Perspective class- the two month art class I was retaking. It's not fun, it's not interesting, it's that summer blockbuster movie you think is good the first time.

That doesn't mean you want to watch the movie again- the acting in it sucks!

The upside to POD and HAM was now I can move onto the next month: 2D Animation (and Physics). 2D Animation? Yes. Lighttables, tracing paper, and lots more tracing paper with that. When my original group went into that class, I heard a lot about the kinds of projects that goes on in that class and it sounds like the most interesting of them all aside from Shading and Lighting. This is the month I have been waiting for. Hoorah!

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